Ease your processes with autonomy

“Mobilité: capacity for motion, ability to move or be moved, property of being easily movable” 

Even though the origin of the word comes from changeableness, mobility in our current society has been dependent on a technology built centuries ago. 

Through digitalization and autonomy, we are working
for a Mobility-2.0 system:
a safer, easier, reliable, and efficient capability for motion.

For us, it’s the journey that matters, not just the destination!

Different use-cases require different solutions/technologies

Different processes, different requirements!

There exists no one-size-fits-all solution for intelligence. Your operation domain dictates usable technology, software and applied intelligence.

We help your robots ask the correct questions:


Repetitive mobility tasks require accurate and robust positioning with respect to points of interest and task requirements. What if your robots get to know (and continuously update) their locations better with each repetition and minimize installation cost and efforts?

What do I see?

You can only react to what you see – which is true for a robot as well. A robust and reliable perception should not only rely on the current state but infer based on what they learn from the past. And this should be done in near real-time before running into the perceived objects.

What do I do?

With the provided actionable information, the robot should act towards making our lives easier, not the opposite. Robotic systems should make fast micro-decisions based on safety and comfort while always keeping an eye on the macro goals such as productivity, usability, and acceptability – similar to a new enterprise.

Product Portfolio

Our technology aims to redefine mobility as a system through digitalization and autonomy. 

We are working relentlessly to finalize our product/licensing portfolio towards this overarching aim!


Consultancy services and research/product partnerships are the doorways towards the `whole product’ concept. Drop us an email if you would like to be a part of it.

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